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Rigs to Reef

 The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (DMR), Mineral Management Service (MMS), and petroleum companies are working together to utilize decommissioned oil and gas platforms for offshore artificial reef development. The program commonly known as “Rigs to Reef” utilizes these abandoned structures for enhancing fish and invertebrate habitat. AR-Home-rigs-to-reefs-img


















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Artificial Reef Interim
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Mike Brainard

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Artificial Reef Downloads:
Artificial Reef Plan
Google Earth

Inshore Reefs:
Google Earth KMZ file
Map of Inshore Reefs
Lat/Lon Coordinates

Offshore Reefs:
Google Earth KMZ file (coming soon)
Map of Offshore Reefs
Lat/Lon Coordinates
Mapping Project with 3D images

Rigs to Reefs:
Act of Donation and Title Transfer Form
Map of Rigs to Reefs Sites
Lat/Lon Coordinates
Mapping Project with 3D images