Shellfish Bureau Director: Erik Broussard

The Shellfish Bureau of DMR is responsible for the management of Mississippi's marine shellfish resources with two primary functions:

  • Manage and enhance the resource;
  • Maintain compliance with the Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference's National Shellfish Sanitation Program (ISSC/NSSP) Model Ordinance requirements for shellfish-growing waters.

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2016 Mississippi Oyster Reefs - Area V "A"

AreaV Shellfish Growing Areas Poster 2016 seals

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2015-2016 Mississippi Oyster Reef Maps - Western MS Sound

Shellfish Growing Areas
Shellfish Growing Areas Poster 2016
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On-Bottom Oyster Leases
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Shellfish Growing Areas and On-Bottom Oyster leases
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Mississippi Oyster Lease Information

On-Bottom Lease Information

Oyster Hotline

(228) 374-5167 | (800) 385-5902

Important Newsletters

Spring 2012 - Oyster News

2009 - Rebuilding Mississippi's Oyster Reefs

2007 - Rebuilding Mississippi's Oyster Reefs

Photo Gallery

Marine Fisheries Photos


Hooked Mussel Brochure

Hooked Mussel Brochure
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2013 Oystermen's Guide

2013 Oystermen's Guide
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