Anglers given rare opportunity to fish Red Snapper, Gray Triggerfish and Greater Amberjack at one time

20-62-CWS | September 4, 2020

BILOXI, Miss. – For only the second time in a decade, Mississippi anglers will have the opportunity to harvest Red Snapper, Gray Triggerfish and Greater Amberjack at the same time. This opportunity can be attributed in large part to the Tails n’ Scales program along with cooperation of Mississippi’s saltwater anglers.


Accurate trip level reporting, coupled with management flexibility granted through Amendment 50 passed by the Gulf Council, have allowed for fisheries managers to provide increased opportunities for Mississippi anglers.


As a reminder, Greater Amberjack season is open and scheduled to close October 31; Gray Triggerfish is open and scheduled to close October 26; and Red Snapper will be open on a 24-hour basis beginning September 5 until the remaining quota is harvested.  


Private recreational anglers can fish out to 200 nautical miles. Vessels with state for-hire permits can fish in state territorial waters, which is nine nautical miles south of the barrier islands.

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