Public Comment Request for the Oyster Management and Recovery Strategic Plan

Public Comment Request for the Oyster Management and Recovery Strategic Plan

The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (MDMR) is seeking public comments from stakeholders on the draft document “Oyster Management and Recovery Strategic Plan”.

The MDMR Office of Marine Fisheries Shellfish Bureau is dedicated to enhancing, protecting, and conserving the oyster resources of the Mississippi Sound. MDMR has many goals and objectives which include working to increase harvestable oyster resources on public reefs, improving resiliency and adaptive management techniques to allow stakeholders and the resource to better withstand environmental and man-made stressors, improving water quality monitoring throughout the Mississippi Sound to recognize the quickly changing environmental conditions affecting the oyster fishery and enhancing participation for on-bottom and off-bottom private-sector oyster production and harvest.

Over the past decade, Mississippi’s oyster resource has seen a substantial declined largely due to several natural and man-made disasters. This document summarizes projects proposed by the MDMR Shellfish Bureau and identifies how each project will benefit the resource or environment. Projects are separated into three categories: 1) Active projects, 2) Future funded projects and 3) Future unfunded projects.

Public comments can be submitted via email to or through the form below. The deadline for public comment is 5 p.m., May 31, 2021.