MDMR certifies fish records for July

23-26-CWS | August 1, 2023

BILOXI, Miss. – The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources certified six state fishing records for the month of July.

Youth records using conventional tackle were set by Finn Lipps, 11, of Ocean Springs with a Rock Hind (Epinephelus adscensionis) weighing 2 pounds, 6.4 ounces; Peyton Morgan, 15, of Perkinston with a Red Snapper (Lutjanus campechanus) weighing 20 pounds, 1.6 ounces; Ryan Ross, 9, of Vancleave with a Spanish Mackerel (Scomberomorus maculatus) weighing 4 pounds, 6.4 ounces; and Maddox Foucha, 11, of Kiln with a Jack Crevalle (Caranx hippos) weighing 30 pounds, 9 ounces.

Conventional tackle records were set by Connie Boykin of Brooklyn with a Whitebone Porgy (Calamus leucosteus) weighing 2 pounds, 8.8 ounces, and Gavin Friend of Long Beach with a Yellowtail Snapper (Ocyurus chrysurus) weighing 7 pounds, 9.6 ounces.

Photos courtesy MS Department of Marine Resources
1. Finn Lipps with Rock Hind
2. Peyton Morgan with Red Snapper
3. Ryan Ross with Spanish Mackerel
4. Maddox Foucha with Jack Crevalle
5. Connie Boykin with Whitebone Porgy
6. Gavin Friend with Yellowtail Snapper

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