The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) is a Regional Ocean Partnership working to sustain the resources of the Gulf of Mexico. The Governors of the five Gulf States identified six priority issues (coastal resilience, date & monitoring, education & engagement, habitat resources, water resources and wildlife & fisheries) that benefit from regional collaboration. With support from state and federal agencies, academic organizations, non-profits and businesses in the region, Gulf of Mexico Alliance Partners work collaboratively on teams to address the region’s priorities in ways that a single entity cannot. The goal is to significantly increase regional collaboration to enhance the environmental and economic health of the Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf of Mexico Alliance is also a 501c3 non-profit organization. Link to GOMA:

GOMA Habitat Resources Team

Team Co-Chair
James Pahl, Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority  

Team Co-Chair

Syed Khalil, Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

Team State Lead

Jared Harris, Mississppi Department of Marine Resources

The Gulf of Mexico Alliance Habitat Resources Team will focus its actions on developing tools and data regarding habitat assessment, living shorelines, sediment management and sea level rise. This team will also take the lead on the Comprehensive Restoration and Resilience Planning and the Ecosystem Services Assessment Cross-Team Initiatives.

Team Goals: increase the availability and utilization of habitat assessment data and information to coastal stakeholders; increase awareness and implementation of living shoreline alternatives in coastal communities; support the development of robust regional sediment management and beneficial use programs at the local, state, and regional scale; and promote understanding of the capabilities and uses of sea level rise and storm surge models.


GOMA Habitat Team Project page

GOMA Coastal Resilience Team

Team Chair and State Lead
Rhonda Price, Mississippi Department of Marine Resources  

The Gulf of Mexico Alliance Coastal Resilience Team will focus its actions on our regional ability to respond to natural and manmade hazards, including risk communication techniques and resilience assessments, as well as a variety of coastal adaptation and planning methods. The Coastal Resilience Team is developing strategies and tools that, when implemented, can create safer, more resilient communities.

Team Goals: Increase awareness and knowledge of tools and resources to assist coastal stakeholders in becoming more resilient and sustainable: promote the understanding of coastal risks and the availability of resilience and restoration tools for those who live, work, visit and do business in the Gulf of Mexico; promote adaptation, mitigation and restoration as strategies to preserve heritage, conserve natural resources and support the economic viability of the coast.


GOMA Resilience Team Project page