The Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage Area Program (MGCNHA) is funded by the National Park Service and the State of Mississippi. It supports economic growth in the state’s lower six counties by focusing on the natural, cultural and historical resources in the Mississippi Heritage Area.

Charnley-Norwood House

The Charley-Norwood House is a late 19th-century cottage that heralds a turning point of residential architecture in the United States, whose authorship has been claimed by both Louis H. Sullivan (1856-1924) and Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959.) This house exhibits many of the traits that would come to be associated with 20th-century Modernism, such as functionally, spatial flow, natural materials, fenestration that erases inside-outside parries and integration into the landscape. Compared to its contemporaries, the Charnley-Norwood House exhibits a degree of clarity and austerity not witnessed before in residential design. This beautifully restored historic site is managed by the Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage Area. Tours are given upon request by emailing

Nature-Based Tourism

The Nature-Based Tourism (NBT) Plan for Coastal Mississippi plans for years of economic growth in Mississippi’s coastal counties. While encouraging a local culture of natural resource stewardship, it also proposes strategic planning, marketing and management actions to achieve an optimal balance between growth and conservation. It also serves as a model for the development of a statewide Nature Tourism strategy. Under the management of the MDMR, the outcomes of the plan to date are: increased professional and marketing resources for nature tourism businesses, the establishment of the Gulf Coast Outpost recognition program and the development of a Blueways design guide to increase natural recreation opportunities for locals and tourists.

Heritage Community Grants

To help accomplish the goals and objectives of the Management Plan, MGCNHA offers matching grants to provide and leverage funding for innovative projects across the region that preserve, interpret and develop heritage resources that expand economic opportunity. Funding for grant program is provided by the federal government through the National Park Service. 

2018 MGCNHA Community Grants

The Mississippi Gulf Coast Heritage Area Community Grant 2018 Funding Opportunity is now available online at and Deadline for submission is Thursday, October 4, 2018.


Funding for the Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage Area matching grant program is provided by the federal government through the National Park Service. Anticipated typical awards will range from $500 to $50,000 with a total anticipated funding for all awards is up to $150,000, and is subject to the availability of funds.


Funds awarded under this program must provide at least an equal (dollar-for-dollar) match for the proposed project. All of the match must come from non-federal sources. The match may come from another grant, from the applicant organization, from its partners in the project, or from any combination thereof. The match may consist of real dollars or in-kind (non-cash) contributions of labor, services, materials, equipment, supplies, and/or travel expenses that are necessary and reasonable for the accomplishment of project objectives. Partnerships are encouraged.


There will be a conference call Tuesday, September 18, 2018, at 10:00 a.m. for questions about the application. To get call-in information, please email