LEGAL NOTICE-Notification of Derelict Vessel Proceedings


The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (MDMR) hereby notifies the last known owner or anyone claiming an interest in the vessel(s) located in Gulfport Lake, Bayou Bernard, Gulfport, MS and described below, that said vessel(s) have been deemed to be derelict pursuant to Miss. Code Ann. 49-27-71 and are subject to removal and disposal. Removal proceedings shall commence no sooner than five (5) days following last publication of this notice.

30’ 1978 Hunter blue/white/black fiberglass sailboat. Latitude and longitude coordinates: N30 25.578 / W089 03.066.  Registration No:  AL-4010-AG. Last Known Owner:  Donald Jeffrey Simpson.   

40’ to 45’ white with blue keel, sailboat. Latitude and longitude:  N30 25.482 / W089 03.104.  Name:  Mistrial, New Orleans, LA. No visible registration number.

Approximately 30’ white with blue stripe sailboat. Latitude and longitude: N30 25.482 / W089 03.104. No visible registration number.

40’ to 45’ white with blue stripe sailboat.  Latitude and longitude: N30 25.482 / W089 03.104. No visible registration number.

Partially sunken white sailboat, unknown length.  Latitude and longitude:  N30 25.578 / W089 03.066. No visible registration number.

Anyone claiming ownership or other interest (i.e., lien) must contact the MDMR DV Coordinator at 228-523-4040 during normal business hours; 228-523-4134 after business hours; or email

In the event that an owner is subsequently identified after removal, the owner shall be liable for all costs associated with removal of the derelict vessel and restoration of the affected coastal wetlands.