MDMR Hatchery Bureau releases 2,000 Spotted Seatrout Thursday with a final total of over 190,000 released in Mississippi waters in 2023

23-43-CWS | December 15, 2023

BILOXI, Miss. – The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources Hatchery Bureau made the final 2023 release of juvenile Spotted Seatrout into Mississippi Gulf Coast estuaries on Thursday, Dec. 14. A total of 4,000 6-inch Spotted Seatrout, raised in collaboration with the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Coast Research Laboratory for the stock enhancement program, were released in locations in Harrison and Jackson counties.


This year, the program has raised and released over 190,000 Spotted Seatrout of various sizes in different locations spanning all three coastal counties. Subsets of the larger Spotted Seatrout, totaling 750 individuals, have been tagged with Visible Elastomer Implants (VIE) tags in the tail fin to assist with monitoring stock enhancement program success.

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